Vecera Sodas2123 by © Greta Galiauskaitė [Open Collection](
Vecera Sodas2123 by © Greta Galiauskaitė Open Collection
Vecera is a solo project by Paulius Večera (male, b. 1995, Vilnius) started in 2020. He mainly works in Lithuania, but his music belongs to the scenes centered in Paris, London and New York.

Paulius is a multidisciplinary artist, composer, improviser, and producer from Vilnius, Lithuania, who is known for his experimental approach to electronic music and his collaborative projects with dancers, scientists, and other musicians. He draws inspiration from a variety of artists and genres, including Dan Kye, Dimlite, Photay, and CoH.

Večera is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electronic music and composition at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius. During his studies, he spent time in Jerusalem, Israel, working on his third album, “Explicit Love,” which explores the complex concept of love from various perspectives. He also dedicated himself to researching brain-computer interfaces (BCI) to analyze the relationship between emotion and brain activity.

Večera is a founding member of the group Migluma x Vecera. He incorporates real-life objects and places into his compositions, using Ableton software and unique sampling techniques to create music that inspires other talented musicians. Večera’s fourth-year project at LMTA, “Thinking Over-Thinking,” explored the experience of uncontrollable thoughts using BCI and sonification.

Večera has performed solo and with groups at festivals and venues throughout Lithuania and Amsterdam, including at festivals such as “Braille Satellite” in Lithuania, “Shams bar” in Palestine, Remalla, and “Kabareet” in Haifa, Israel. His career highlights include releasing and performing his third album “Explicit Love,” which has been praised for its immersive sound, and collaborating on a site-specific sound performance at the LMTA center building.

As of 2023, Večera is focused on developing his sonification work and exploring the potential of BCI in live performances. He is interested in using sound-based therapy routines to improve mental health and learning, and continues to inspire others with his innovative approach to music.

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