Tom Bones

Tom Bones by © Elvis Žaldaris [Open Collection](
Tom Bones by © Elvis Žaldaris Open Collection
Tom Bones is a solo project by Tomas Paliūnas (male, b. 1991, Vilnius) started in 2016. He mainly works in Vilnius, Lithuania, but his music belongs to the drum and bass scene centered in the UK.

Lithuanian DJ and musician Tom Bones brings his electrifying touch to dance music. Harnessing energy from the infinite universe, voyaging through the vast nothingness of space and time, Tom Bones locks and loads these low vibrations into his music and fires them through the drum and bass airwaves.

Tom Bones is no stranger to the electronic scene: his early music project M-Theory became one of Lithuania’s most well known dubstep acts. With big name collaborations under his belt the DJ’s explosive musical dynamism has fired up earthly clubs and festivals like Loftas, Opium and Satta. Now the DJ has set his sights on the galaxy.

Stylistically Tom Bones draws influence from 90s dance and rave culture, combining key elements from genres like jungle, breakbeat, bass, UK garage, house and techno. Adding his unique touch to every mix, the Vilnius-born DJ’s powerful electronic sound pierces through our bodily armour and zings junglist energy right into our souls.

Tie up your shoelaces and get ready to rave to Tom Bones — his music will have you dancing on the moon.

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