takais in his natural habitat by © Tauras Čeledinas [Open Collection](https://www.flickr.com/photos/197707958@N02/52766545478)
takais in his natural habitat by © Tauras Čeledinas Open Collection
takais is a solo project by Jonas Litvinas (male, b. 1994, Vilnius) started in Copenhagen in April, 2016. He mainly works in Vilnius, Lithuania, but his music belongs to the Electronica and Microhouse scenes, centered in Berlin, UK and Europe more generally.

“hi, I’m takais, and welcome to my bio.

I mainly make electronic music. It’s relatively danceable, sometimes melancholic & nostalgic. at the moment I’m based in Lithuania. what you’ll hear: gritty atmospheres, synthesizers, guitars, samples. I just record whatever I have at hand, and some of it makes into the tracks you’ll find on here.

I have 2 EPs released - Resistance (2020) and 20 minute drive (2022).

hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

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Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal
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My research interests include reproducible social science, finance, and writing R packages.