Palmės Žiedas

Palmės Žiedas by © Laura Brazaitytė [Open Collection](
Palmės Žiedas by © Laura Brazaitytė Open Collection
Palmės Žiedas is a solo project by Jonas Matusevičius (male, b. 2000, Kaunas) started in 2017. He mainly works in Kaunas, Lithuania, but his music belongs to the Australian psych scene, centered in Melbourne, Australia.

Growing up in Kaunas and being strongly influenced by different cultures, Jonas started producing music in his high-school years. Back then his relationship with music was rather abstract, making his compositions feel artistic, free and unpredictable. However, when he was recording his debut album, he began singing lyrics which included fictional stories, inspired by the Lithuanian electronic club music culture. A couple years later his works focused more on experimentation and depicted imaginary worlds in the far future. Now he constantly wanders around different alternative music scenes, gathering new stories and never forgetting the old ones.

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