Listen Local Lithuania Presentation in Slovakia

Establishing Listen Local Slovakia based on Listen Local Lithuania

Apr 21, 2023 11:00 AM — 1:00 PM
Listen Local Lithuania Presentation in Slovakia
Hudobné centrum
Michalská 10, Bratislava, 815 36 Staré Mesto

The Listen Local Lithuania project was presented to our Slovakian partners at Hudobné Centrum in Bratislava, Slovakia on Friday 21 April. The event was attended by the Hudobné Centrum’s head of the library, IT and database experts and director, as well as a representative from SOZA and was presented by Gabija Liaugminaitė and Daniel Antal.

This meeting was fruitful in bringing the project that has originally started with a feasibility study in Slovakia and was later developed in Lithuania, back to Slovakia for further exploration. Main progress points and future collaborations necessary for the success of the project were brought forwards to explain how it could be continued in Slovakia.

The members of the Hudobné Centrum and SOZA were eager to start the project in Slovakia, which is a great success when thinking back on the work that went in developing the project in Lithuania.

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Daniel Antal
Daniel Antal
Data Scientist & Founder of the Digital Music Observatory

My research interests include reproducible social science, finance, and writing R packages.

Gabija Liaugminaitė
Gabija Liaugminaitė
Digital service design

Cultural researcher with a passion for the world of music and ambitions to improve artists’ working and living conditions.